SIDEKICK simplifies any web application.
Here's the problem
  • Your learning never stops.

    Modern life is filled with software that takes time to learn and use effectively. When that software changes, you need to learn all over again.

  • Help isn't where you need it.

    Support portals. Knowledge bases. User forums. Blog posts. Videos. They all take you away from what you’re working on.

  • You're watching, not doing.

    The best way to learn anything is by actively doing it. Yet you’re stuck passively referring to documentation and support materials.

That's why we created SIDEKICK.

SIDEKICK helps you complete tasks inside your web application. You'll learn by following interactive, step-by-step guides. It's like having an expert at your side, ready for whenever you need help.

See All The Features

Guided, Interactive Walkthroughs

Learn your application by actually using the application, exploring features and completing tasks along the way.

Overviews, How-Tos, and Hotspots guide you with on-screen prompts and friendly narration. It’s like having an expert at your side, ready to provide one-on-one support whenever needed.

SIDEKICK Works Everywhere

SIDEKICK works with any website, web app, or web-based software that’s built with HTML.

Ready to begin? SIDEKICK is now available for WordPress or your custom platform.

Once it’s installed, all you’ll need is a modern browser.

Intelligent, Automatic Updates

SIDEKICK automatically serves up Walkthroughs that are compatible with your application. If things change — e.g. you add new plugins or themes — SIDEKICK will detect the changes and update with the appropriate Walkthroughs.

Walkthroughs are silently updated, so you won’t need to manage additional downloads or manual updates.

Available Free for WordPress, the world's most popular CMS.

Check out SIDEKICK for WordPress

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