Create Interactive Walkthroughs for any Website, Plugin, Theme or Web-Based Platform.
The more successful you are, the more support you need to provide.
Written documentation, videos, training sessions, webinars. You've tried it all.

Wouldn't it be great if you had a tool that...
  • Guides Customers

    Like having someone at their side, talking them through a task?

  • Just Works

    Is always available and automatically updated, no downloads required?

  • Scales Your Support

    Lets you answer a question once for all of your customers?

That's why we built SIDEKICK.

Create voice-guided, interactive Walkthroughs with SIDEKICK Composer.
Add the SIDEKICK player to your site or app for customers to find and follow Walkthroughs.

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How does SIDEKICK help?

  • Faster Onboarding
    Teach people the ropes by having them interact with your site or app.
  • Lower Support Costs
    Preempt support tickets by pointing customers to Walkthroughs.
  • Happier Customers
    Help is immediately available wherever and whenever it’s needed.

How does SIDEKICK work?

  • Show
    Visual cues with on-screen prompts and cursor animations.
  • Tell
    Elaborate and educate through narration.
  • Caption
    Subtitles for when sound isn’t an option.
  • Interact
    Prompt user input like clicks or text entry.

Three Types of Walkthroughs

  • Overviews
    Guided tours through complex interfaces.
  • Hotspots
    Toggle to explain on-screen features in more detail.
  • How-To’s
    Help users complete tasks step-by-step.

Technical Requirements

  • Works across all modern browsers.
    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
  • Uses standard web languages.
    Standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is all you need.
  • No client downloads required.
    Playback isn’t dependent on browser extensions.

Are You A WordPress Developer?

Provide your users with always-available support and tutorials straight from their WordPress admin area. Create public Walkthroughs with SIDEKICK Composer, then bundle SIDEKICK for WordPress with your plugin or theme. Learn more.

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