Common Issues When Playing a Walkthrough

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The following is a list of common Player issues, and how to resolve them.

Player menu is covering something on the screen.

The SIDEKICK player is designed to appear above all other elements on the screen.

If the Player menu is obscuring something you need to view, you can close it by clicking the menu icon:

This will collapse the menu without closing the Player bar.

To close the Player bar completely, either click the HELP ME button:

Or the X icon at the top of the Player menu:

A walkthrough is telling me to click something, but I can’t!

When a walkthrough starts playing, the Player enables a feature we call the “safety layer”. This prevents users from clicking around on the screen while the walkthrough is playing.

Elements that need to be interacted with should be unlocked in Composer by the walkthrough creator. If they’re not unlocked, the elements cannot be clicked.