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This article lists the different error messages, and what they mean.

We do our best to keep errors to a minimum, but from time to time a variety of different error messages may appear when you attempt to play a walkthrough.

All errors are anonymously logged in our system. This lets us proactively identify problematic walkthroughs on an ongoing basis.

Error #00: Unknown

This error appears when something goes wrong during a walkthrough, but the specific cause could not be determined.

Error #01: Walkthrough File Not Found

Walkthroughs rely on two parts: The steps, and the audio file. If you attempt to play a walkthrough and either the steps or audio is missing, you’ll see Error #01.

Fixing in Composer: Ensure your walkthrough includes steps and audio.

Error #02: Server Error: No Steps

This appears when you attempt to play a walkthrough that includes no steps.

Fixing in Composer: Ensure that you walkthrough includes at least one step.

Error #04: Found Too Many Paths

On-screen cues work by targeting elements contained in the page. This error appears when there are too many elements that match the specified target.

Fixing in Composer: Ensure you’re using specific step targets, e.g. targeting an ID rather than a class.

Error #05: Couldn’t Find Step Target Path

This is the most common error. It appears when the specified target element cannot be found on the page.

Fixing in Composer: If there’s a good chance that a step target may not appear for a user, consider making the step optional. This way the walkthrough can continue, even if the target cannot be found.

Error #06: Couldn’t Find Walkthrough Audio

This appears when you attempt to play a walkthrough that does not include audio.

Fixing in Composer: Ensure you’ve added an audio file to the walkthrough.

Error #07: Step Type Not Recognized

This appears when the specified step type is not recognized by the Player. Walkthroughs created with Composer should not generate this error.

Error #09: Please Enlarge Your Browser Window

SIDEKICK requires a minimum screen size. This error appears when your browser window is too small for the walkthrough to function properly.

Fix: Resize your browser window.

Error #08: Walkthrough In Progress

This error appears when you attempt to “click around” on page while a walkthrough is playing.

If a walkthrough is asking you to click an element on the screen, and this error appears, the walkthrough will need to be revised.

Fixing in Composer: Ensure elements that you want users to interact with are unlocked.