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Activation ID

A unique ID assigned to the website you’re on. This is how SIDEKICK determines which walkthroughs and SIDEKICK features you have access to.


The status of your Activation ID. Possible statuses include:

  • Valid: The ID is correct and exists in our system.
  • Invalid: The ID cannot be found in our system.
  • Expired: The subscription for this ID has expired. You can renew your subscription on the SIDEKICK site.

Data Tracking

Enabling Data Tracking will associate your email address with the SIDEKICK system logs for your website. This allows us to get in touch with you directly if we spot a problem, e.g. recurring errors.


Auto-Start Walkthrough

Select a walkthrough to automatically play when a user first logs into the WordPress admin area. This is a useful feature for onboarding new users.

Turn Off Walkthroughs

This section lists all of the walkthroughs available to the website you’re on. Disabling a walkthrough will hide it from the Player menu.