Troubleshooting Plugin Issues

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The following scenarios may cause issues for the SIDEKICK for WordPress plugin.

Modified Core Installation

SIDEKICK for WordPress requires an unmodified version of the core WordPress software.

If the core software has been altered in any way, there is a chance that the SIDEKICK for WordPress plugin will not function properly, if at all.

Fix: Ensure that your core WordPress installation has not been modified.

Modified WordPress Admin UI

Walkthroughs created for the WordPress administration area, including our own WordPress Basics walkthroughs, target specific elements within the admin interface.

If the admin interface has been modified or heavily customized, there is a chance that walkthroughs will not work.

Fix: Ensure that the IDs or classes targeted by walkthroughs exist on the modified UI.

Conflicts with User Roles & Capabilities

SIDEKICK for WordPress checks for the existence of default WordPress user roles when listing available walkthroughs in the Player menu.

If user roles have been modified to have different capabilities, or if custom roles have been created, there is a chance that walkthroughs will not work properly.

Fix: Check for modified default user roles or custom user roles.

Conflicts with Other Plugins, Themes

Plugins that modify the WordPress admin UI or change user roles and capabilities may impact walkthroughs.

This is especially true for our WordPress Basics walkthroughs, which are written with a standard WordPress installation in mind.

Fix: Check for plugins or themes that change the admin UI, create custom roles, or modify the capabilities of default user roles.

Expired or Invalid License Key

Walkthroughs will not appear if your SIDEKICK license key is detected as invalid or expired.

You can check the status of your license key on the SIDEKICK settings screen.