WordPress Basics (Using the SIDEKICK for WordPress Plugin)

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This guide will take you through how to quickly  get up and running with the SIDEKICK for WordPress Plugin and our WordPress Basics Walkthroughs.

WordPress Version Compatibility: SIDEKICK for WordPress is compatible with the current version of WordPress, one full release previous and all point releases in between. For example: 4.1 and 4.0 but also 4.01 and 4.12.

Multisite Compatibility: SIDEKICK for WordPress is compatible with Multisite installs although not all WordPress Basics walkthroughs will appear as some do not apply to MS setups. Our Multisite Mass Activation Plugin  will allow you to activate all the sites on your network, under your account, at once.

Please  contact us if you’d like more information on this feature and to join the test team.

Here’s a brief overview video. Step by step instructions are below.

  1. Select the package you’d like to purchase and create an account at sidekick.pro/plans/wordpress-basics/
  2. From inside your account, add the first domain name where you’d like to install SIDEKICK for WordPress Basics
  3. Download and install the SIDEKICK for WordPress Plugin on a WordPress Dashboard (if you need help, check out our quick guide on installing the plugin)
  4. Copy the key for the domain that you just installed SIDEKICK into your clipboard using CTRL+C
  5. Paste the key domain key into the SIDEKICK Settings Page on your WordPress Dashboard and press “Update”
  6. That’s it, your WordPress Dashboard will now have full access to over 160 SIDEKICK for WordPress Basics walkthroughs