Here’s How it Works

There’s no better way to show you how SIDEKICK works than by showing you what a tutorial is. Click “Start Walkthrough” to begin a click by click simulation of a Walkthrough tutorial.

  • Integration
  • Utility Drawer
  • Pre-made Content
  • Interactivity
  • Multi-media
  • Composer


Getting your customers from purchase to publish quickly has always been a challenge but the faster you can do it, the happier they are. SIDEKICK provides self-service support that guides users step-by-step through just about any task, inside their dashboard. Reducing support costs and increasing customer success and retention.

Self-serve Support

Offer your customers around the clock self-service so they can unlock the full potential of your product. Have (and keep) more happy customers.

Easy Setup

With no installation required for your users, it can’t get any simpler. Simply use our API for network activations.

Pre-built Walkthroughs

SIDEKICK has already done the heavy lifting. All the walkthroughs your user will need are pre-created in-house and maintained by us so you don’t have to.


Pre-Made Walkthroughs Available

Choose a platform to get started.

  • Voice
  • Captions
  • “Click Icons”
  • Pointer


SIDEKICK Walkthroughs can utilize various tools to help users follow along in a way that makes sense to them.

To request a demo or to learn more about how SIDEKICK can work for you.