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How to Play a Plesk Walkthrough

It’s incredibly easy to begin learning Plesk with the provided built-in Walkthroughs. Here’s how you you can get started: Opening a Walkthrough Click the INTERACTIVE HELP button. The Player Menu will open. Walkthroughs are grouped into categories here, we call them Buckets. Clicking on a bucket will list all of the walkthroughs that bucket contains….

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What is a Plesk Interactive Help walkthrough?

An interactive, voice and visual guided tutorial. Walkthroughs occur right inside your Plesk admin area and will take you and your web hosting customers step-by-step through completing a task, a brief explanation of a feature or a longer overview of a system or feature set.

Install the SIDEKICK for Plesk Extension

Installing from the Plesk Extension Catalog (Recommended) Once logged into your Plesk admin, go to Extensions. Click Extensions Catalog. In the search bar, type in “sidekick”. Search for SIDEKICK. Click Buy Now. You will then be taken to the Plesk Store to purchase the Extension. Once you have made your purchase, go back to Extensions and…

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